Before you start imagining me blogging from a shelter or my car or under a bridge,  I should clarify that I do have a roof over my head.  It’s just that the lease on this roof expired on July 31st and I have yet to vacate.   (It’s university affiliated housing, I’ve got at least a few more days till students start arriving.)  And um, apparently the leasing office isn’t too efficient because no one seems to notice/has made any attempt to contact me and tell me to leave.  Until they do, I’m perfectly okay with living for free and buying myself some time to figure out my next move.

See, I’m supposed to be signing a lease for an apartment, er, yesterday.  An apartment I’m supposed to move into on Monday.  A year-long lease in a not-outrageously-priced-but-hardly-a -steal apartment with a friend of a friend who is starting grad school.   Which I was pretty excited about – until I had a little chat with my boss a few days ago where he hinted that several jobs in my department may be cut in the near future.  And now I’m all, sign a year lease?? When I may be unemployed soon?  Uhh.. no thanks.

Of course, in a few days, four girls or guys are going to arrive at my current apartment and wonder why the hell some girl and her stuff is here, and I am going to need a new place to crash.

I’m in the awesome position of having to find a new, more temporary, living situation – and quick! – while bailing on a perfectly nice girl that I was looking forward to living with who will now probably hate me for ditching her at the last minute, and possibly straining one of my best friendships with the girl who put me and former-future roomie in touch.   Ugh.

All of this, and I don’t even know the status of my job.  It appears very likely I’m facing a lay-off, but there’s always the oft-chance that they keep me around, perhaps because they pay me a fraction of what “more seasoned” employees make.  The uncertaintly of it all is what kills me.

At least I can’t complain my life is dull?