Never have I ever been so relieved to have a bed of my own, and a roof over my head that I paid for.  (Er, I paid for with the help of my parents.)

Not that being “homeless” was so bad, thanks to true-blue friends that offered extra beds and couches without hesitation and made me feel at home for the 2 weeks-ish that I was desperately searching for one of my own.

Thankfully, I found a woman leasing a room in a townhouse right next to campus.  Although it’s a far cry from my former arrangement of living in an apartment with two of my best friends, it will do just fine for now.

As much as I wish I were still living with my friends, suppliers of endless conversation, laughter, and fashion accessories because “really, you’re going out without a necklace/earrings?? Here – wear this – much better!” (What will I do without them?)  I also know deep down that being detached from those distractions for a little while will be good for me.

I’m settling into a new lifestyle until I get my degree.   More work, less play.   This phase is about deffered enjoyment.  Buckling down and focusing now to ensure that there will be things to celebrate in the future.  And when this phase is over? Celebrate I will.